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The Brief

The ‘BOSSLADY’ Louise Watson, helps and inspires people to reach their health and fitness goals through strategically crafted workout and health plans.

Louise reached out needing some help, mentioning that being a personal trainer is hard as you can only see so many clients in the time that you have in a day and that essentially caps what you can earn unless you charge more. This is why she introduced her app “BOSSLADY ONLINE” which has allowed Louise to serve more clients without losing that personal touch.

Louise wanted a website developed to represent and allow her business BOSSLADY to be found online through search engines and to have an online base with all her information.


The Goals

  1. Develop a conversion-focused web strategy to promote BOSSLADY.
  2. Design a website that is professional, engaging and matches the BOSSLADY brand.
  3. Custom forms on the website to create an on-brand onboarding experience for BOSSLADY clients.
  4. Create a mailing list sign-up form.
  5. Have the site be found using search and social media.
  6. Timely turnaround and reasonable budget.


Our Approach

We propose a new landing page website that is simple and on-brand with BOSSLADY.

It will display your basic information along with imagery that clients need to learn more about BOSSLADY, what she does and how to get in touch.

We also wanted to recreate Louise’s current google form into a native form on her website at no extra cost. This will create an experience which is more professional and matches the BOSSLADY brand.

Header bar for easy navigation.

Sliding hero section with imagery and call to action.

About Us section.

Our Services/Programs section.

Contact information and form.



The Result

We worked with Louise to design and develop a landing page website that matches her brand, brings all of her information into one place, can easily be updated regularly and has a streamlined sign up process for clients.

You can find a link to the current live website below.

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