Musical Mania 4

Booklet Design



Entertainment / Musical Production

Our Involvement

Booklet Design and Internal Advert Design


The Brief

‘Musical Mania’ is a series of musical productions put on by Relentless Entertainment based in the South East Asian country Brunei Darussalam.

‘Musical Mania’ brings to life a mix of your favourite Broadway productions, Disney movies and pop songs!

In September 2022 they are putting on their 4th season of the show, conveniently named ‘Musical Mania 4’ (MM4).

Kiwi Creative Studios has once again been tasked with putting together the program booklet for the production. The program booklet is handed out to the audience on their arrival and contains all of the information about the show and its history as well as an introduction to the cast.

This time Relentless requested that the internal pages be black and white and that we include 2 pictures of each cast member, a profile picture as well as a ‘fun’ picture.

*Please note we did not design the front cover, our task was the booklet layout and internal design, as well as a couple of the adverts. *


Our Approach

This was our second time a booklet for Relentless Entertainment, our first one was for ‘Hairspray the Musical’.

The structure of the booklets remain pretty similar for all of their productions:

  1.  The Cover
  2. Main Sponsor Advert
  3. Founders Welcome Message
  4. The Production Team
  5. Breakdown of the Acts/Songs
  6. Relentless Entertainment’s Story
  7. The Team
  8. Vocal Coaches
  9. Cast Introductions Part 1
  10. Advert Spread
  11. Cast Introductions Part 2
  12. Advert Spread
Initially we wanted to change up the design aspect a little bit to give it a “fresh” look but given the 4 day deadline we decided it would be best to follow the same structure and general design as previously used.

Seeing as the internal pages would be black and white we wanted to still give the booklet some character, we did this by designing a watercolour background for each page using different shades of grey to create depth and not just have plain white backgrounds.


The Result

We designed a booklet that follows the typical Relentless musical production booklet layout.

We included the 2 images per cast member by keeping the standard profile picture where it was and adding the ‘fun’ photo onto the other side with a edge blur and screen blend profile to have the photo mix in with the background.

You can find an online version of the completed booklet below.

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