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The Brief

Swim Shack is an online based New Zealand swimming goods store, the already had a brand but changed ownership and decided it was time for a complete makeover!

Kiwi Creative Studios was given the opportunity to create Swim Shacks new brand. The Swim Shack team wanted to keep the name ‘Swim Shack’ but wanted a new logo and brand that incorporated the two parts ‘Swim’ and ‘Shack’.

A key guide given was that the brand needed to be fun and colourful while still maintaining a level of professionalism.

In addition to the branding we were also tasked with designing and developing the Swim Shack website and online store. It needed to be easy to use, included a custom ambassador dashboard and rewards system and have a clean looking product catalogue.


Our Approach

We got to work by carrying out a discovery session with the Swim Shack team and sketching some ideas.

We started to list down words and phrases that come into mind. After sketching and refining, we settled with one thing: The swimmer.

At that point, we realised that the waves and a still image of a swimmer has a similar trait, the horizontal S shape. We then stuck with that idea.

We traced a swimmer in motion, being present and completely balanced. As a result, we crafted a simple yet illustrative mark with a custom font.


The Brand

After a review session with the Swim Shack team on the initial logo design we created the rest of the brand to go along with it. This included settling on a colour scheme, custom designed leaves and icons and a breakdown of the typeface to be used.

Below you will find a digital version of the completed Swim Shack brand guide.


The Website

Once the branding was sorted we got to work on developing the website.

We included a welcoming homepage, a clean product catalogue, easy checkout process, custom built ambassador application system and a complex  ambassador dashboard and rewards system.

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