Payment Terms

Invoice Due Dates


Due dates on hourly-based invoices & project-based invoices (when a deposit is not required)

The invoice due date structure is very simple to understand and is set out as follows:

If the invoice total is less than $500 (including GST) then your due date will be due on receipt/the date of issue.

If the invoice total is equal to or more than $500 (including GST) then your due date will be 7 days from the date of issue.


Due dates on project-based invoices (when a deposit is required)

We may require a non-refundable deposit on certain projects, this is normally when we may have upfront costs to cover for a project (such as purchasing domains, hosting, licensing software, etc) and/or as security for us beginning a large amount of work.

We will let you know before beginning a project if a deposit will be required.

There is no “due date” for the non-refundable deposit, however, work on the project will not begin until the payment has cleared into our account.

The remaining balance will be due once the project has been completed and follows a similar principle as above.

If the remaining balance is less than $500 (including GST) then your due date will be due on receipt/the date of completion.

If the remaining balance is equal to or more than $500 (including GST) then your due date will be 7 days from the date of completion.

The date of completion is when we have finished the majority of our work and you have reviewed proof(s) of the work and let us know you are happy with it. Once we receive the balance payment and it has cleared into our account we will then send through the final works and/or launch/make your project live.


Late Payment Penalties

Late payment penalties are applied to your invoice when you do not make payment by the due date. Please note that the payment needs to have cleared into our account by the due date so please allow enough time for this.

You will receive automated reminders from our system leading up to the due date on your invoice.


Penalty Amounts

Late payment penalties apply from the day after your original due date.

Penalties are set as follows:

$15 or 5% (whichever is greater) on the day after the due date (the day the invoice becomes overdue).
+ $55 or 10% (whichever is greater) on the 7th day after the due date.
+ $15 or 5% (whichever is greater) every month the invoice remains unpaid.

The amounts above are excluding GST, GST will be applied on top of these amounts. Late payment fees are subject to GST. 

Late payment fees/interest are compounding (will be applied on top of each other to the total previous amount outstanding).

If you have a good payment history with us, we may arrange a grace period with you and set a new due date. If payment is still not made by the new due date, then late penalties will be imposed based on the original due date.

Last updated: 31 August 2023